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Monday, October 3, 2011

The cutest octopus in the world

Joanna, over at the Happy Seamstress, has been extremely busy making extremely adorable knitting patterns purely for our enjoyment. One of these is Octie. Here is an army of the friendly cephalopods that Joanna knit up herself:

This pattern is for sale as a pdf on the Happy Seamstress website (only $1.49! cheap!), but Joanna was also selling Octie kits at Fan Expo. They came in five colours of this very soft DK-weight superwash merino with different eye colours and more than enough stuffing. She also included knitting needles and a darning needle, so you really didn't need anything else to get started. And the kits just looked so perfect all lined up on the table.

The Happy Seamstress will be selling these kits at future craft fairs in the Toronto area, so stay tuned if want to pick one up! She also has some other super cute patterns up her sleeve, so watch out for those too.

As for my own version, I decided to forgo the button eyes and instead try out my brand new toy: a needle felting tool!

It turned out quite well, if I say so myself.

And Octie is also quite fond of sitting on my head.

P.S. All photos by Joanna.

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