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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finished boyfriend socks!

Hurray! My first pair of socks is finished! Well, they were finished about a week ago, but because of the previously-mentioned backlog of stuff to write about, I haven't said anything until now. So there...

Anyway, I'm sort of sad that they're finished... I dunno... It just seemed like the project that would never finish, even though I've had longer things going on that I haven't felt that way about. Maybe because I spent so much quality time with them on the bus. Well, without further ado, here's dem socks!

The boyfriend says they look like Dr. Seuss socks, and I sort of have to agree with him. It's all that ribbing in the leg with no ribbing in the foot. At least they look a lot better when he's wearing them. He was nice enough to model them for me:

Overall, I think they were a good beginner sock project. Not super hard, but with enough details to keep them interesting. And for the second sock I even tried making cables without a cable needle!

By the way, for anyone who was wondering, I passed my summer project defense with flying colours, and my supervisor even wants to write a paper with the results we found! Woot!


  1. Caloo callay, o frabjous day! Wonderful news. And nice socks, too.

  2. love the socks! and your star trek pot holders....saw your post about the swift ~ you might want to try......

    pretty cool and inexpensive and breaks down to store :)

  3. That tinker toy swift is AWESOME!!! If I had tinker toys, and if my friend hadn't already made me a swift, I'd totally do that.