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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My very own Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

So, I didn't actually acquire the fictitious encyclopedia from Douglas Adam's Trilogy in Five Parts, but I did buy myself a Kindle. However, with unlimited access to Wikipedia a lot of other websites (email, facebook, or anything with flash don't work so well), it's pretty close to being the electronic guide to the known universe. Good ol' XKCD illustrates it pretty well:

I haven't actually bought any of the Kindle books off Amazon yet, but so far, it's pretty damn amazing. I've loaded up a bunch of pdfs of my favourite knitting patterns, of ebooks I got off Project Gutenberg, and of scientific papers I use for my research. Also, I can access the internet all the time, from anywhere... for free. Take that, iPad!

Because I love it, and because everything I love must be wrapped in yarn, I had to make it a case. Also, the case had to be awesome. I thought I'd model it after the cases they sell on amazon specifically for the Kindle, with the fancy leather top cover and elastic holding it together. I had planned to make it double-knitted, with pockets that I could fit cardboard into to make it stiff... Anyway, I ended up with this monstrosity...

It just wasn't going to work... Discouraged, I went the simple route. I looked through the Harmony Guide "101 Stitches to Crochet" and found a neat checkerboard colourwork pattern. Of course, then I ran out of yarn three quarters of the way to completion, and had to continue in a different yarn, and figured I may as well change the stitch pattern as well.

And then I sewed in a zipper because zippers are cool.

I'm actually really happy with the result. It's sort of hip and quirky. The plan is to next stitch on the words "Don't Panic" in neon green. It'll be awesome.