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Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a Duck! It's a Bunny! No, it's a Duck-Bunny!

I must admit it, I LOVE making toys, whether knitted or crocheted. There's just something wonderful about creating something absolutely adorable and seeing the personality of the toy grow under your fingertips. I don't even mind all the annoying sewing up bits so much. I also enjoy patterns that have a very clever construction, which is why I just HAD to make this adorable little toy.

Look! It's a bunny (though my grandma would argue that it looks more like a dog)!

However, just flip it around...

And it's a duck!

I actually made two of these little guys... one for my adorable 11-month-old cousin and another for my friend's baby. They both really liked their duck-bunnies, at least, that's how I'll interpret their promptly putting the toys in their mouths. I have a feeling their parents appreciated the cleverness of the pattern more than they did, but hopefully these toys will last long enough that the kids will be able to appreciate them for their construction.

The pattern is the Mini-Reversible Duck to Bunny by Susan B. Anderson. The original design was a little larger than what I ended up with, but I had a finer yarn and so used smaller needles. I used up some scrap acrylic yarn, some of which was from my maternal grandmother's stash, and embroidered the eyes to guard against little gnawing teeth. The heads are stuffed with cotton balls because that's what I had.

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