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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A new addition to the techno-family

I finally did it... I bought a cell phone! After living in Toronto for over 8 months, I realized that it's really a whole lot more convenient to have one, even if it's just to meet up with people. The real deal-breaker was that I was voluntold into being the organizer for the Astronomy department division of Science Rendezvous. I figured that if I'm going to have to be in a million places at once, people should be able to reach me wherever I am. So yeah... cell phone.

I bought it at the 7-eleven along with a phone card charged up with 100 minutes. I'm on the Speak Out plan, which is pretty convenient because the minutes don't run out for a year. So even if I find that I barely ever use my phone, I won't be losing money on minutes I don't use each month. The phone itself is a Nokia 1208, which was pretty much the cheapest one they had there. Look how shiny it is!

It can call and text. No fancy internet browsing or anything. It has a couple of games (Rapid Roll is really addictive), a calculator, a converter, an alarm clock and a calendar... all pretty basic. My favourite feature is the flashlight:

I can definitely see that coming in handy, especially for public tours!

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  1. Aieee! You're shining that light right in my eyes!