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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fastest crocheter and pie on a stick

In the same vein as last post, where I discovered the world's fastest knitter, I decided to look up the world's fastest crocheter! Apparently, the Guinness World Record holder for fastest crocheter, at 5,113 stitches in 30 minutes (that's about 3 stitches per second!), is Lisa Gentry, born in Germany, and now living in Louisiana. She is also a successful (I think) crochet designer. Here is Lisa Gentry's crochet speed challenge where she does 24 treble crochets in a minute:

For the second part of my post, I want to talk about pie. I love pie, in all its forms... double-crust, single-crust, meringue-topped... There aren't many pies I'll say no to. I'm even into savory pies, like meat pies and quiche. I was reading Bittersweet this morning and Hannah was presenting a recipe for veaganized Grasshopper Pie. It looks delicious of course, but later in her post, she freezes the pie pieces, puts them on a stick, dips them in chocolate and calls them pie- sicles! What a genius idea! Why hasn't anyone else thought of this? I would buy them by the dozen... however, with Hannah's recipe, I guess I can make them by the dozen... yum yum. Here's her picture: