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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finished object dump

Over the last couple of weeks, I've finished off a lot of projects. First, I finally got around to sewing the satin binding on that baby blanket, and just got it to my colleague before he and his new family took off to Montreal for the summer. He really liked the satin edging because it was so soft, and also that the blanket is washable (babies puke a lot). Here's a picture of the finished product:

Next, I finished that giant granny square blanket. I put an edging around it in a pale pink yarn that I got from my grandmother's stash, using a pattern from the Lion Brand site. After steam blocking it, the fabric has a beautiful drape. I think the edging really pulls it together... but I still have no idea who to give it to. I need to get a pregnant friend who's having a girl.

After that, I finished a doily for my pet bamboo shoot (who I affectionately call Alfred). It's made of bright green cotton thread that was a gift from the mother of a friend of mine who used to be into thread crochet and tatting. I used a pattern from a vintage doily book that I got on ebay (thinking it would be the paper copy, but it was actually a cd with a bunch of pdfs) called "Chic Circles". After blocking it, it looked much better than I expected it to.

Finally, I finished the armwarmers for the icelandic turtleneck I was crocheting. Unfortunately, I don't have any updated pictures of that.

In other news, I've started sock knitting! More on that later.