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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toronto's Twenty-Somethings

This evening I had my first social knitting experience. Well, maybe not very first... but previous craft evenings were intermittent at best, and there were only ever a couple of us (a maximum of four once) meeting at one of our homes. Today, however, I met up with a group of total strangers at a restaurant. I've been wanting to find some sort of stitch'n'bitch group in Toronto for a while now, and so I searched Ravelry. I found a few, the most interesting being the Toronto's Twenty-Somethings and drunken knitters (who I might join tomorrow night). The former meets at a very nice restaurant on Markham street, just south of Bloor, and that was where I went at 7pm this evening.

They were out on the patio, five twenty-something women, all knitting. I asked if I'd come to the right place, and they welcomed me with open arms! It was such a fantastic experience. We had drinks, discussed each other's projects, and talked about everything from Michael Jackson to vampire novels (though the two don't seem totally unrelated... too soon?). I think I'll definitely go next week! It's so refreshing to have a group of people to knit and discuss my obsession with.

Anyway, I was working on the cloud bolero (pictures here) that I started yesterday. I already have about four inches done because chunky yarn works up fast on 8mm needles (not because I'm a fast knitter). Here's a picture I took this morning, though a lot more is done now:

I'm using James C. Brett's Marble Chunky in the "Landscape" colourway. I can't get over how much I love working with this yarn. It's soft, and the colour changes are fun to watch. Who cares if it's 100% acrylic!


  1. Hey! It was nice meeting you this evening. :) I look forward to seeing you and your cloud bolero in the future!

  2. It sounds like fun. I'd like to get involved in something like that in Sherbrooke.