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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Halloween Wedding

Ok, so it's been almost three weeks, but I thought I should talk about my friend, A's wedding... He and his wife, J, got married on Halloween, and so I made the long trip (seriously long... I think I spent more time traveling than visiting people) to the Townships to attend the ceremony. The theme for the evening was "masquerade", and so, crafty person that I am, made my very own mask.

I also found this perfect silk red dress for $20.

It matched my red satin shoes perfectly.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. My friend Stevie performed the marriage, and he did a great job. It wasn't too long, and even though Stevie explained A & J's faiths (he's Jewish and she's Muslim) in his speech, it wasn't preachy at all. I cried when A & J kissed... though I have been known to get emotional at people's weddings (even those of people I don't know).

The party afterwards was also a lot of fun, though not as many people showed up as they had planned for, so I think they might still have leftovers even after three weeks. There were pumpkins and candy, and a few people showed up in costumes other than masquerade masks. Stevie and I even got some of the stronger groomsmen to lift A onto a chair and sing the Hava Nagila. Super fun. My favourite part, though, was when A had to remove J's garter without his hands... heehee!

And, as you might have noticed, the bride's dress was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.

As a wedding present, I decided to stick with what works, and make some double-knit potholders. I went with the Hamsa hand because it's a symbol in both Judaism and Islam, plus it's protection against the evil eye, or in this case, hot pots. I started with this chart, but modified it to fit on a 30 stitch by 38 row grid. I finished them off with a pretty scalloped edging. I'm quite happy with the results, and I hope A & J are too!

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  1. Hey! I know that officiant!
    Don't let his sharp wit & undeniable charm fool you -- he doesn't actually know what he's talking about.