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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty earrings for Mom

Things, as usual, have been very busy. I found out that I did indeed pass my general qual (like there was ever any doubt!), and then rushed to get my research poster finished and printed for the NRDA conference last week. I'll save the details of that trip for a separate post. I got back into the city Saturday evening among all the G20 craziness, but fortunately, my supervisor gave me a ride in his rented car, and I was able to avoid downtown. Now, I should be rewriting my code to be able to accept multiple hybrid combinations in a row, but I've come down with a terrible headache and so I'm blogging instead. May as well be sort of productive!

Today I thought I'd show you some pictures of these earrings I made my mom back in February (better late than never, right?), which I had intended to also act as stitch markers, though I don't think Mom's used them in that capacity, which is fine. I bought a couple of sets of clip-on earring findings at Mary Maxim, one gold set and one silver set. For the gold ones, I decided to make it simple, and just thread a few beads onto a headpin and make a loop with my trusty needle-nose pliers.

I think they're actually quite cute, and I really like the look of gold and red together... it's got something of the regal to it. For the silver earrings, I decided to go a little more on the fancy side. I based these on the Chandeliers from the Anticraft, but I didn't have enough jump rings to do the pattern suggested in the book, so I made it up a little as I went along.

Making chainmail is kind of frustrating since if you put a ring through the wrong way, it totally doesn't work anymore, but I guess that's more or less true of any craft. Even though it's not terribly forgiving, I think I would try it again, just gotta buy me more jump rings.

So, that was my latest jewellery-making extravaganza. I should really do more of it. Next time we speak, I will probably show you some amazing baby knitting! Oh the cuteness!

And hey, the drugs just kicked in and my headache's gone! Woo!