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Monday, September 13, 2010

RIP Purple Lacy Hat...

Today started out a little chilly, in the 15 degrees Celsius range, and so I decided to wear my pretty purple lacy hat because it was warm enough to keep my ears toasty without being too heavy. A good transition piece, as they say. Then, as I was leaving the office this evening, I noticed that my hat was no longer in my jacket sleeve... I had gone to dinner, completely forgetting I had stuffed it in there, and my hat must have slipped out of my sleeve either on the way to or at the restaurant.

On my way home from school this evening, I completely retraced the path I took to the restaurant, searched the patio where we had been sitting, and asked the restaurant staff if they had seen it, but no luck. My hat is gone forever, and I'm sad. It's not like it was my favourite hat, but it was the first really complicated lace project I had made and it was knit from a lovely soft angora cotton blend in my favourite colour. It's probably not going to be the last creation that gets lost or destroyed, but the first one probably hurts the most. I hope that someone found it, and that whoever that might be will get some good use out of it.

I'll miss you pretty purple lacy hat...

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