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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cute little sewing machine

For my birthday, I received not one, but two sewing machines. One was a super portable, but super simple one from my boyfriend, and the other was a beautiful full-sized machine with dozens of pre-programmed stitches from my parents. At my pre-birthday party (that weekend was crazy), my boyfriend handed me the package, and when I opened it, my parents gave each other this look, and I knew they'd gotten me the same thing... it was a tad embarrassing. Anyway, it all worked out in the end because my parents returned the one they gave me (probably best considering the size of our apartment), and gave me a toaster and some books instead.

Anyway, this tiny sewing machine has served me very well so far. It only does a straight stitch, but that's probably all I'll ever need. I already used it to sew the lining for my horseshoe lace purse, and am now in the process of sewing a satin binding onto that baby blanket I knit. I did it once, but had to rip up the stitches because it was even on one side of the binding, but all wonky on the other. I've been told that I should do a running stitch by hand first, which is a pain, but it should come out fine in the end.

Here's an action shot:

Now, I just have to redo all that sewing and eventually get that blanket to my friend, whose baby has been born!

And in other news, I just finished a pretty lacy hat (using Marnie MacLean's Halley's Comet pattern) with that yummy Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora (it has been discontinued). Here's the yarn (sorry for the fuzzy pic):

And here's some crappy webcam pics of the finished product:

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