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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy belated Anti-Valentine's Day!

I meant to post earlier, I really did, but the last little while has been kinda crappy for me. Not that I like complaining or anything (ok, I really do), but I've been sick, injured, and generally overworked these last few weeks. Immediately after I got back from Austin in mid-January (I promise I'll write about that, really!), I got a major cold, and just as I was getting over that, some guy in my aikido class did a move on me wrong that landed me on my left shoulder mid flip, leaving me with an annoying shoulder injury. Just as that's starting to heal, I start to have problems with a wisdom tooth that suddenly decides to grow sideways, right into my cheek. Fortunately, I'm having that removed tomorrow, but it all kinda sucks, y'know?

However, I can be grateful that I'm surrounded by people who really care about me. The boyfriend wrote me this touching anti-Valentine's Day note:

For those of you who can't read his messy handwriting, it says:
I hope you die slowly,
painfully and wide awake.

That spiders set you on fire
while you are tied to a stake.

And your disemboweled corpse
eaten by (hag)fish in a lake.

Your having been born
was your greatest mistake.

Happy Anti-Valentines

Oh honey, I love you too!

Speaking of Anti-Valentine's Day, it's a little late now, but if you want to really express your distaste for the saccharine corniness that is Valentine's Day, visit this blog post I made for the Happy Seamstress. I linked to a ton of fun crafts, recipes and general crafty ideas that you can make for the holiday.

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