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Monday, March 16, 2009


I always find that using up leftover balls of yarn is strangely cathartic. I recently had the opportunity to finish off a couple of skeins, one from my sweater and the other from the hat and scarf, both mentioned in the previous post. The first project was made from the leftovers from my Cherie Amour sweater. I wanted to make a Queen Anne's lace scarf, but it turns out I barely had enough yarn to make the "scarf" go around my neck once. No problem! I found a funky button, and I made a neck warmer.

I think I actually like this better than a scarf. It's not bulky but it still keeps my neck warm, and it looks super cute peaking out from under my jacket. The second stash buster was the Simple Crochet Headband, which I modified by adding one of those roses I like so much. This was done with that pretty yarn from the scarf and hat I made for my friend...

Speaking of leftovers, Saturday was Pi Day, and my astronomy friends and I celebrated in style with many, many pies.

I made my first successful double crusted pie (unlike last time). I think the trick was using white flour instead of whole wheat... the crust was fantastic. It's a blueberry pear pie because I ran out of blueberries and had a can of pears lying around. Turns out that it's better that way because the pears add a nice texture to it.

I had some crust dough left over (as well as some pears) and so I made a pear turnover. I think this one got devoured almost immediately, therefore, success!

At the moment, I still have three unfinished pies in the fridge, as well as a tubfull of apple crumble. Needless to say, I'm in heaven...