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Friday, August 28, 2009

Gateway drug

They say that knitting is a gateway drug (or gateway craft, I guess, though that's much less dramatic-sounding) to other addictive yarn crafts. That is, you start knitting, then you start spinning so that you can make your own yarn, then you start dying your yarn, and then you start weaving... Before you know it, you have a six-foot tall loom in your living room and a dozen spinning wheels. In my case, I started crocheting, then taught myself to knit because there were a lot of nice patterns (and because it takes less yarn to make a garment), but I haven't really delved into anything else, so far.

I haven't been at it long enough to have been exposed to all those other yarn crafts, but I think I'm going down that path. I say this because I signed up for a drop-spindle spinning class at the Purple Purl. It's my first extra-curricular class in Toronto, which is something to be excited about in itself. It's even more exciting because I get to keep the drop-spindle, and I'll know the basics of how to make pretty pretty yarn... I hope to get good enough to make some gorgeous sock yarn... yum.

But I am NOT filling my living room with looms and spinning wheels!


  1. Famous last words! Great blog, btw!

  2. Well, I hope they're true because I have absolutely no room in my apartment for that kind of thing. Glad you like it! Thanks!